Successful Day at Red Cliffs Market

The much loved and vibrant Red Cliffs Community market emerged from COVID last Sunday in great strength, with over one hundred stalls including iHemp Mildura.  There was a lot of interest from a wide variety of folks, and the community was very much aware of the trial crop being grown in their vicinity – it’s hard to miss at about 12 feet in height!

There is much enthusiasm and support for the return of industrial hemp as a source of material for a wide variety of products, especially in the building and textile industry.  Locals also exhibited an existing  depth of knowledge of its versatility and eco-strengths, which is very encouraging for the industry here.  Many farmers were conscious of having a ‘few lazy acres’ they would like to put to use – and were happy to be directed to the iHemp Victoria site which has detailed information about acceptable seed type, license pre-requisites and costs, and much more pertinent info!

It was an interesting, informative and very sociable day!  There were lots of positive comments on our banner and our brochures were also very popular!

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