Hemp is an environmental solution to other building materials, fast growing and more product per tonne than forest timbers creating sustainable and recyclable building materials such as: concrete, composite wood alternatives and natural fibre insulation.

Hemp buildings are:

– Energy efficient with a high R-Value depending on wall thickness

– Termite, mould and pest resistant

– Excellent acoustic performance

– Breathable, healthy and carbon neutral

– Fire resistant

Hemp buildings use standard frames with hemp placed within formwork within the frame. The walls are lime rendered on the outside to protect from weather and finished as desired internally – although only breathable coatings are recommended internally and externally. As the walls dry they calcify and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Using hemp alleviates the pressure on logging forests, reduces constructions impact on the environment, and reduces the reliance on petro-chemical products.

Thanks to iHemp Victoria for this content

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