Sunraysia is blessed with year round sunshine and plenty of land!

Making it perfect for Industrial Hemp which needs far less water and pesticides than many current locally grown crops. Two annual harvests, and attractively low labour costs, make it a farming game changer!

To make this change in Sunraysia, we need to share available knowledge.  Industrial hemp is gaining worldwide attention as a material with a vast spectrum of uses, with an economically feasible and ecofriendly profile.

To encourage and enable this change is our mission!

Since its legalisation in Australia in 2017 for food and fibre use, the potential for new applications and new business is  abundantly clear!

Get involved!

Mildura’s volunteer team invite anyone who is interested to get involved! Your skills are needed in (just to name a few) event planning, accounting, accessing grants, social media management, and film making.  Please call us; we’d love to hear from you!

Support us!

As a non-profit we do need funds for workshops, field days, marketing etc., so all donations gratefully accepted!



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a non-profit organisation committed to representing Australian growers, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and end users of  industrial hemp.
We aim  to promote a sustainable and economically viable industry in Victoria and Australia wide.